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Requiem for Revolution of Rising Expectations

Vivo - Day of the Dead
Oakland Museum, CA

18' x 5 ' x 5'

Mixed media (animal skulls, bones, horns, feathers and dried legs, leather, fabric, rubber, polymer clay, acrylics, motors, timers, wood, ABS tube)

This piece incorporated the ancient indigenous ritual of the Voladores (flyers) of Mexico. These aerial dancers were seen as messengers sacrificing themselves for the good of the community in return for rain and the end of droughts.

This piece was dedicated to the governmental, religious and corporate representatives whose good intentions in the summer of 2010 devolved into missed opportunities, destruction, and death. Instead of holy bird messengers, these Voladores are corrupted, transformed, gnarled and deformed by the death of their good intentions.



Top Volador Closeup - El Inocente
The Innocent
Lost Voladores - Closeups
Coorporate Punk
Wayward Bishop
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